DaBaby Reacts To “Sneaky Link Anthem” Backlash: “It’s Okay”

DaBaby Reacts To "Sneaky Link Anthem" Backlash: "It's Okay"

The rapper’s R&B-ish single wasn’t received well by the public, but he’s taking it in stride.

To say that DaBaby has had a rough 24 hours is an understatement. The North Carolina rapper has been taking some heavy blows on social media over his latest release, “Sneaky Leak Anthem.” On the track, fans find DaBaby switching things up—and not just his flow, but his entire sound. DaBaby is known for his signature sound and flow, but some of his fans have been asking for something different. He delivered, but not everyone was happy.

Sneaky Link Anthem” arrived as an R&B offering from DaBaby and as its title suggests, it was all about keeping relationships undercover. The response from the public was unexpected as the rapper became a trending topic after thousands of people flooded timelines with criticisms and jokes.

While some people were clearly not fans of the song overall, others seem to have reacted negatively because they’re still upset about DaBaby’s fallout with his latest baby mama, DaniLeigh. She recently shared that both she and their baby daughter tested positive for COVID, so as they hunker down and recover, DaBaby has been taking those hits in silence…that is until he offered up a brief reaction.

In a video, DaBaby is watching his “Sneaky Link Anthem” visual as it plays loudly in his home. “They hate on me and it’s okay,” he said with a smile and a shrug. Check it out below.

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